Sabrina Kuhn is a ceramic and product designer based in Germany. During her studies in Karlsruhe and Copenhagen she developed her interest in ceramics and in particular in porcelain to a veritable passion. In 2013 she founded her ceramic label KULØR under which she produces handmade porcelain.

She loves creating objects that please the sences for example by their haptics and colours and she is interested in all kind of things that beautify, improve or change our everyday life. ”For me there is always something special about handmade products. I can feel the energy of the person behind them. Each piece or product is unique and this is what I want to reflect in my work. But also telling a story and transmitting emotions is of great importance to me.” Her interest lies in the interaction of colour, material and contrasts, culture and manufacturing and thereby products for daily use are created, that become our darlings and adorn our homes.



Sabrina Kuhn, Werderstrasse 29, 76137 Karlsruhe

0049 157 551 240 23


The series KULØR can be purchased at




July 2014                    diploma - product design at Karlsruhe University ofArts and Design

2012                            studiesabroad - two semesters at The Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts, School of Design, 

                                    Copenhagen, Centre for CeramicDesign

2012                            internship at Tina Marie BentsenCeramics, Copenhagen

July 2011                     intermediate diploma

2010                            internship at Angela Johe Porcelain,Karlsruhe

2008 - 2014                studies atKarlsruhe University of Arts and Design

                                                            mainsubject: product design

                                                            minorsubject: communication design

1998 - 2007                Abitur atAlfred-Amann senior college, Bönnigheim


December2013        foundingdesign label KULØR, self-employed and freelanced work

2010 - 2011                KarlsruheUniversity of Arts and Design, student assistant for Prof. Dr. Peter Sloterdijk, secretary

2008                          RasselfischKarlsruhe, sales

2007 - 2011               Leonhardt,Andrä und Partner Stuttgart, Beratende IngenieureVBI, secretary, receptionist


2016                           ArtDesign Feldkirch, KULØR

2016                           Tendence Frankfurt, KULØR

2016                           Nordstil Hamburg, KULØR

2016                           Eunique/Loft Karlsruhe, KULØR

2016                           Blickfang Stuttgart, KULØR

2015                           Schöne Bescherung Stuttgart, KULØR

2015                           Blickfang Zürich, KULØR

2015                           ArtDesign Feldkirch, KULØR

2015                           Blickfang Stuttgart, KULØR

2015                           Eunique Karlsruhe, KULØR

2014                           Eunique Karlsruhe, KULØR

2013                           Sommerloch Karlsruhe, annual exhibition

2011                            Sommerloch Karlsruhe, annual exhibition

2011                            Eunique Karlsruhe, project Design am Oberrhein

2011                            Ambiente Frankfurt,  project Black Forest and Bowl

2010                           Sommerloch Karlsruhe, annual exhibition

2010                           Ambiente Frankfurt, project Stack


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